The first “electronic songbook” software
for the karaoke industry!


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 Karaoke SongFinder® is the next logical step that eliminates printed song books. No more pencils to chase around, no more hand-written slips and best of all; no more beer-soaked heavy notebooks that are expensive to update and reprint.
Program Requirements: Win '95 '98, ME, 2000, XP 6mb hd space Serial Port (for lable printers.) Screen Resolution: 1024x768 For network applications: Wired network port or Wireless pci card, USB netcard, pcmcia wireless netcard.
Choose your style: Printed slips, wired network or even wireless!

  • Easy-to-read song slips can be printed by an inexpensive lable printer (not included) that makes locating your songs a snap.
  • Intuitve SongFinder interface makes it easy even for novices to quickly locate and submit their requests to the host.
  • Go wireless and watch the requests pop up on your hosting computer.
  • Update your SongFinder database instantly! Just a few mouse clicks and SongFinder rebuilds your song list, including your latest additions!
  • Currently supports: MTU’s *Hoster® as well as Sax-N-Dottys Show Presenter and Tricerasoft’s Swift Elite and
    KJPro (disc-based system) exported song lists!
  • INCLUDES options for singers to select KEY CHANGES.
  • An unlimited number of SongFinders can be present on the same network (each SongFinder computer that you use requires an additional purchase of software.

SongFinder software will run on any Windows platform making it perfect for those inexpensive and old(er) machines that are available for a dime a dozen at garage sales, ebay listings etc.

Screenshot sample above.
Pictured below are 2 wireless songfinders made from old,
unwanted Windows '98 computers that have only
65k of memory and a 3GB hard drive! Perfect for this application.

For *Hoster® users, updating can't be easier. Simply copy 1 file from your hosting computer to your SongFinder® station and click one button. Karaoke SongFinder® does the rest and you're up and ready to go in just minutes!

Using SongFinder in either wired or wireless mode provides you with a wealth of infomation about your incoming requests. SongFinder is compact and floats above your hosting software providing you with just the information you need. Click on any field and it's instantly available on the clipboard ready-to-paste in any other application.

SongFinder Reciever Program INCLUDED FREE!
For wired or wireless applications, use the companion “SongFinder Reciever” program that “floats” above your regular hosting software and tells you everything you need to know about each request, right down to the time it was submitted.

Or for a detailed view, you can expand view and see all the information. . . right down to what time the request was submitted to you. (Perfect for those tie-breaker situations)

Your singers simply search and select their songs and fill out an “electronic” song slip including any key changes they may want. Simply print out a song slip and take it to the host or send it electronically. No more pencils to chase around, no more hand-written slips and best of all; no more beer-soaked heavy notebooks that are expensive to update and reprint. Since the database is electronic, you can update your list in a matter of minutes as often as you like!
  • Add your own graphics for advertising purposes.
  • Use graphics and logos for a professional look
  • Your company name and phone number prints on every slip (when using a label printer)
  • For wired or wireless use, use your own “request sent” and confirmation graphics.
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Search by Song Title

With a touchscreen monitor, one simple click and Karaoke Songfinder will use a touchscreen interface! No keyboard, no mouse!
Search by Song Title, Artist Name, Browse artists, Browse titles and even search for a word or phrase in the song title.

Search by Artist

Pick by song title or artist and simply touch to send it to your host:
Electronic Song Slip

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