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No more pencils, slips or books!

No more scribbled notes on the back of a napkin!

Karaoke SongFinder© is the electronic solution to karaoke songbooks!
If you’ve ever lost a $20.00 songbook to a $2.00 beer, you know what we’re talking about!

Now, any karaoke host can use an inexpensive used laptop or desktop computer running all Windows operating systems and a simple label printer
(Dymo 330 printer) to print song slips you can read everytime!

(One $10 roll of paper will print 1,200 song slips. That’s LESS THAN A PENNY EACH!)
You can choose to use a printer OR send the slip directly to your computer!

Either way you choose, you’ll never have a problem reading a song slip again!

Network confguration requires either a hard-wired cat5e network cable or a wireless connection between the host and songfinder computer(s).

OR, receive the slips directly on your host(ing) computer with a network cable or go wireless!

Using a NETWORK:
With a network cable or wireless connection, send it directly to the host computer!
This eliminates the printer, rolls of paper, and additional setup!

The SongFinder network configuration shows you what you need to know, right down to who submitted which song first (for those tie-breaker situations).

You can instantly sort the list by the time of the submission or sort them by the singer’s name in order to group them together.

Just click on a singer’s name or songbook ID and it's instantly copied to the clipboard!

. For the host:
You can set our program to float “always on top” of other programs you have running or you can turn this off. Song requests automatically appear as they are recieved

Not a “digital KJ?” Not a problem. You can use this system with discs too!
OTHER FEATURES (network receiver):

Recover Archive: All Songs are saved whenever one is added by a singer. If you have any kind of catastrophic failure, when you start up SongFinder, your current list is still there or you can open a list that was created on a different day!

Delete On Click: Erase an entry when your click on the singer name to keep your list uncluttered or simply delete them manually with one keystroke. You can delete one or a number of entries.  
Accept Requests: The program accepts requests.
Time Warning: When a singer submits a song, a friendly warning screen on their terminal to warn them that their request “might not” make it in the list because of the current time.


Lock Out Terminals: This blocks singers from entering new requests. Senario: It's the end of the night, you have enough song requests to finish the night and you don't have time to physically walk over and turn off your songfinder(s). This function blocks the users screen with a graphic that thanks them, but you are “out of time” and can no longer accept requests.
SEND MESSAGES TO TERMINALS: With this enabled, you can put a full screen message on the singers terminals between every request.

Great for advertising drink specials or menu items!


The host can also send a message to a particular singer. When that singer sends in their song request, they'll get the message...

And the host is notified that they've read the message